Ethical reporting of Violence against Women and Girls
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This course explores the underlying complexities that journalists may face when covering complex news stories. Reporting on issues such as sexual violence is a skill that is often glossed over in journalists’ education. Combining theory and practice, this course will correct this oversight and give journalists the expertise and understanding to report on these subjects responsibly and ethically.

Legal and policy frameworks for reporting on Violence Against Women and Girls.
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This foundational course covers a detailed, practical and comprehensive curriculum that introduces students to Violence against Women and Girls, ethical reporting on VAWG, the legal and policy frameworks available, and the proper models for reporting on cases of Violence against Women and Girls. 

Understanding the rights of women & girls, basic terminology and the language of reporting VAWG.
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This foundation course covers a detailed, practical, and comprehensive curriculum that introduces students to the meaning and various forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG), the legal frameworks available, reporting agencies, and policies that handle VAWG and challenges with the current system.

Understanding investigative reporting and developing an investigative VAWG story.
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This course trains participants in creating impactful investigative reports on VAWG for advocacy and awareness purposes. It seeks to establish a thorough understanding of VAWG to convert and apply the knowledge in investigative reports

Odera Akinyi

Story development: identifying stories, interviewing & protecting sources and fact checking.
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This course will teach tutees the importance of storytelling and development, interviewing and protecting your sources and the importance of fact-checking as you report on Violence against Women & Girls. It will involve video presentations with animation and infographics and a text version of each module.
Maryam Abdulrasheed

Mental health and safety considerations for journalists reporting on VAWG
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This course will teach students the basics of mental health and its impact on their work as journalists, the importance of safety in reporting violence against women and girls,  how to build ecosystems in their job that allow for open discussions of mental health and safety amongst journalists and how to advocate effectively for laws and policies that protect journalists who report on violence against women and girls.