Storytelling through photo essays
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This 10 module course is designed for photojournalists pursuing a career in visual storytelling. The course will guide trainees on their first visual story as they develop it throughout the modules. The course includes technical, writing, aesthetic, funding and ethical classes targeting the different aspects considered in visual storytelling.

Rehab Eldalil

Legal and ethical aspects of photojournalism
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This course will provide comprehensive coverage of the ethics and legalities of photojournalism. The course unpacks the moral and legal obligations and rights of photojournalists and their sources (subjects). We look at different modes of photojournalism and ventilate the ethical and legal aspects related to each type. The course focuses on both ends of the photojournalistic experience: that of photographed subjects and that of the photojournalist.

Documentaries and Photojournalism
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Theory-based documentary and photojournalism production is an entry level journalistic content production course. It bases documentary and photography production on communication theories, to critique a greater variety of human experiences through content production facilitated by women on the African continent. This course will help build relevant skillset for journalistic story telling including framing, agenda setting, visual storytelling essentials (lighting, exposure, editing), information processing, interviewing, and reporting.